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Step 2.1 : Kibana

Download latest release of Kibana here :

It’s a large zip file.

Extract the zip file to C:\Program Files

Run a CMD as Admin

cd “C:\Program Files\kibana-7.14.1-windows-x86_64\”

start in interactive with : bin\kibana.bat

Open your local browser to http://localhost:5601/

or directly to Discover : http://localhost:5601/app/discover

Stop your interactive startup with Ctrl-C / Y

Step 2.2 : Kibana as a windows service

Download latest NSSM here :

Copy content to C:\Program Files

open a CMD as Admin

cd “C:\Program Files\nssm-2.24-101-g897c7ad\win64”

nssm install kibana

Select your kibana.bat in Path (for me it was : C:\Program Files\kibana-7.14.1-windows-x86_64\bin\kibana.bat )

Under Dependencies

Enter the ElasticSearch service name : elasticsearch

Click on Install service

Close the application

Check your service with sc query kibana

Startit with : sc start kibana