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Checkpoint NAT IP Pool and clusterXL

Article No9
Posted on2016-03-16
ContentCluster XL does not support IP Pool NAT by default
****************************************Example if you set Cluster to 2 CPUs:

[Expert@nvs-useh-sis-sg02e1:6]# fw ctl multik stat
ID | Active | CPU | Connections | Peak
0 | Yes | 2-15 | 2 | 2
1 | No | - | 0 | 0

Current system configuration does not support CoreXL due to following reasons:
IP Pool NAT enabled

in order to enable CoreXL for IP Pool Nat article sk76800
on the fly parameter
fw ctl set int fwxlate_pool_multik_enabled 1
vi $FWDIR/boot/modules/fwkern.conf
and add fwxlate_pool_multik_enabled=1

if only 1 core set in CoreXL
then result will be
[Expert@nvs-useh-sis-sg02e2:6]# fw ctl multik stat
fw: CoreXL is disabled
Due to migration unsucessfully done, it is possible that the old data is still not available (14.02.2007)

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